How Do I get email info from WP Database?

I am using the Coming Soon Pro plugin from Seedprod and it has several options to get email addresses from sign-ups and several options to import that info (Mailchimp, aWeber, Sendy, GravityForms, etc). They also allow the data to be sent to directly to the WP Database.

Is there a way to automatically transfer this information to the eNewsletter plugin (via the database, I suppose)? It would be awesome to integrate these two plugins.

P.S. I am also talking with SeedProd about this same issue, perhaps info can be exchanged…?

  • Alexander
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    Hi @jetmac,

    I’m sorry, no this isn’t possible. We don’t have integration with this plugin It would require custom development to migrate the data over to e-Newsletter. We don’t undertake custom development at WPMU DEV, but if you need to hire a developer, be sure to checkout our job boards:

    e-Newsletter does in fact have a spreadsheet import feature. So if you’re ok with doing this periodically, you could look into exporting your other data, and reimporting to e-Newsletter.

    Best regards,

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