How do I get Google to find my website

I set up a simple website for a doctors' practice, The main reason the doctors want it is so that patients could search for the doctor's name and find the telephone number and address (and possibly directions). On iphone they could press to talk. The site works, it's found by Google but the results are way down in the list of results. I'm using the Yoast SEO plugin and have a Google plus page for the practice. What can I do?

  • Mr. Goodfellow

    Getting your site to rank high in google is not a quck "switch flip" method

    Google uses a complex algorithm to ensure that it is presenting legitamate results and to avoid spam.

    To get started you may want to add you site to:

    Having good SEO methods and practice as well as accurate meta tags and proper back links will work to improve you SEO but it is not a one-flip switch.
    Good, long term SEO must be built over time. This is done by continuously adding UNIQUE content relative content to your site.

    Good SEO take a lot of hard work, constantly publishing new and fresh content and keeping your static content up to date.

  • Vaughan

    Hi @algisk,

    @Mr. Goodfellow has given you some excellent advice there. Good SEO is must for high page ranks, but most of all, you must also keep updating your site & adding new content/updating it. The more you keep your site active with updated content, the more search engines will rank you better.

    You might also want to look at google analytics.

    That can also help you a lot too.

    Hope this helps

  • algisk

    Thank you for the replies. It is indeed good advice. I have made Google aware of the site, it is indexed, I have registered with a few directories, and have installed the free version of Yoast's SEO plugin to give good descriptions for each page.

    To be quite honest, the practice is a well-established one and I don't think they are interested in the time or expense involved in generating new and fresh content. I think what they most would like is to have their patients be able to "google" them, have a phone number come up on their smart phones that they could press to dial, and to have an address come up with perhaps the ability to get directions from where they are. The rest of the web site - the about us and all that is icing on the cake.

    It occurs to me that it might be more productive to simply acquire domains for the doctors in the practice in the form of or something like that, make a very simple one-page site - a brief bio and professional credentials, telephone number, address - with links to the practice website. The patients could then input that into their smartphone/tablet and use that functionality.

    Any opinions on that? Perhaps put the one-page sites as a subdomain of their main site? Perhaps simply drop the idea of using wordpress, try to polish up my somewhat rusy html/css skills and figure out how to make a static responsive site in html/css?

  • Vaughan


    Having doctors names as domains, would certainly help in my opinion, well it will certainly help people with finding their doctors. As long as you make sure the links and content are related to your wordpress site and so on, you shouldn't be hit by penalties for unrelated content.

    I'm no SEO expert though, i'm probably amateur at best where SEO is concerned.

    I wouldn't say drop wordpress altogether though, it just depends on what your clients are expecting and what they will use the site for. If they really do just want a few static pages that aren't likely to change at all, then wp does seem a bit overkill, and static pages would be a lot faster on page load time. But if the site is likely to be updated frequently, or they want any kind of user interaction, it would be easier with wp than to do with static pages, and wp would certainly offer better options for future upgradability should they decide they want to really go with a more interactive site.

    Hope this helps

  • Mr. Goodfellow

    It sounds like a big portion of this site functionality is for mobile.
    Have you considered using a mobile plugin that will allow you site to display smoothly on mobile devices with phone and address info, but then show a more complete site to viewers with larger screen.
    You can use the @media css command to do custom CSS for screen sizes
    Elegant Themes has a mobile plugin I have played around with:

    But i would say it would be best to use a responsive theme and keep everything on one site. Using the Dr Name in the site URL will greatly increase SEO

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