How do I get Membership settings to carry over to second site in my Network

I have multisite configured on Wordpress, currently with 2 sites setup. I also enabled Network Activate on Membership Plugin, and added the following to the main site webconfig.php, define( 'MEMBERSHIP_GLOBAL_TABLES', false);
define( 'MEMBERSHIP_GLOBAL_MAINSITE', 1); However when I go over the second site, I dont see any of the Membership settings (ie Access levels, Subscritpion) setup under that account. Isn't the purpose of updating the .config file is so that all the Membership settings are shared throughout all the sites, and already setup on the other sites? For instance, I have subscribers setup on Main site with access level of "Staff", when i go the second site, I see the users, and they are even setup with access to both sites, but none of the Membership Access levels or data exist. Does all that information need to be reset on each sub site, or is there a way to carry over all those configurations? Thought that was purpose of global settings? Please advise.