How do I get my pop up! plug in for WP to start working?

I am having trouble getting my Pop Up!/Pop Over (which one is it, by the way?) to function on my WP site. I have installed the plugin successfully activated it, and made a plug in using HTML in the text editor – very cool by the way.

I also want to add that I am a bit of a newbie to wordpress and coding in general, so forgive me for putting you through what I sure is a fairly routine event for a more experienced individual.

However, now that I have done all that, I do not see the pop up appearing anywhere. I am certain there is a painfully obvious solution to this. What is the next step here to get my pop up running on my site?

Please respond to this at

Thank you in advance for your help. Also, not sure if this helps, but I have granted you guys support access to my website.

Best, Ferris