How do I get Paypal Standard to not sign up users for an automatic subscription?

I posted this in another thread, but then it got sort of waylaid by another question, and now I haven't heard back from support about this for 3 days.

I'm using Paypal Standard because I want my clients to be able to pay using Paypal OR a credit card. They go through the sign-up process and pay via Paypal. THEN they get 3 emails in a row.

The first one says "You successfully canceled the following PayPal Recurring Payment profile. We will no longer bill the buyer.”

The second one says "You sent an automatic payment to Fit Happens LA. Here are the details:”

And the third one says "You just set up an automatic payment profile to Fit Happens LA. Here's the information:”

How can I have users sign up for Paypal Standard but NOT do automatic payments (that get canceled automatically)?

I have given you support access.