How do I get Protected Content to hide Events + Root Archive Page?

Greetings Support,

I'm having some compatibility issues I believe between Protected Content and Events +.

I'm trying to set this site set up so users can purchase a membership(Protected Content) to the site. Once they are a member they then have access to a list of upcoming events(Events +).

The issue I'm having is this:
The events root slug that takes you to the event archive is not being protected by the Protected Content plugin. I have set the page up to be protected but the content still displays. I am using a custom template for Events+ archive page but I don't see why this would interrupt things?

I have attached an image to show My setting and have granted support access for 72 hours. If any other info is needed let me know.

Also. The individual event pages are protected but it only reads "Protected Content" and not the message I have set up in Protected Content.

Thank you in advance. Kind Regards,