How do I get shortcode to load in a child theme for my rich text editor

Good afternoon.

I am using Twenty Twelve and have been trying to set up a child theme for all my custom code. I am inserting the following code into the child-theme functions.php but it won't call on the shortcode files unless I place the shortcode files in the main theme directory and not the child-theme directly, even though the code is supposedly pointing towards the same files that I placed in the child-theme. Here is the code>


From what I understood, STYLESHEETPATH. should point towards the child-theme. I have gotten the shortcodes to show up on the rich text editor when I use this same code but place the shortcode files in the main twenty twelve theme. For the sake of any possible future changes to the main theme, I would like to get this to work with the child theme.

Thanks for the help.

Kyle Crosby