How do I get the coursepress to work with the upfront (spirit) theme?

Hi there,

Thanks for the support, you guys are doing a great job, and the plug ins are all really cool, having a few teething issues though.

I’ve installed coursepress and managed to set up the coursepress course with several examples, when you click from the units page (working) to the unit itself it comes up with “30 NOV -0001


Your unit content goes here. Have fun writing” – see images of units list working, and page of ‘content’ not there.

I’ve copied this from another chain as requested by support staff. I’ve gone through the suggestions of turning off and on the plugins,

When viewed with the coursepress theme rather than upfront (spirit) it works. After I’ve turned off all plug ins and this hasn’t fixed it within the upfront (spirit) theme.

So it’s the theme – I’d like to keep it given that I’ve invested a fair bit of time customising the appearance thus far.

Any insights would be much appreciated