How do I get the Protected Content page off of my main menu?

I am setting up Protected Content and have several problems. The first thing is that I have set up for the More Tag not to be accessible from non-members, yet it is. The second thing is that all of the pages this plugin creates are now attached to my main menu. I don’t want them there. How can I either move them or delete them? I don’t understand the purpose of having a blank page called Protected Content. Thanks

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi Kim!

    First up, I looked through each of your posts, and it looks like you’re not using more tags. I put a test post in drafts on your site using a more tag, I did a quick test and Protected Content is hiding the more tag from it. The setting was also turned to “no” in the Protected Content settings, so I switched that to yes for you.

    As for the pages that are in your main navigation menu – are you speaking of the “register”, “memberships” and “account” pages? I’m not seeing a protected content page in your menu. As for why it exists – it’s what’s shown to users when they don’t have sufficient permissions to view the content you’re protecting. We give you a page so you can style it how you’d like, or change the text. Without the page, users will get a 404 error instead of a protected content page.

    Hope this helps!

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