How do I get these features in Q&A?


Ive recently just got QA and it seems like a pretty neat plugin. There are just a few things that I want to do.

1) How do I display how many times the question has been viewed? I will need to be able to access this number to perform a check for viewing awards etc..

2) at the moment, the user only receives reputation points if their post is upVoted. How do I also add them when their answer is accepted as the right one.

3) How would I get from the database the user with the highest reputation points? (If somehow this can be done so that I can get the highest points earned within a specific time frame that would be ruddy fantastic)

4) How can I change the question status icon to text? I don't really like the look of the button or tick.

5) Is there a way to display to the user in the wp admin bar a notification that they have a new answer or have gained new points? Then when they click it - take them to the question or display dropdown if multiple questions (If this could be real-time that would be awesome)

Thanks guys