How do I get to display the Menu & setting of Appointment plus

I installed the Appointment plus.Went through the guide step by step and set up fully as for instructions.
It was pretty straightforward and some what simple.
I only have one issue, there is no newly created page or menu Link with 'New Appointment' that I can see in my Site.Even though I did check mark that options under settings and display.
Im using a woo theme named Appply and its working flawlessly, even if I activate the the default theme 2013 still the problem exist.
Situation number two: Though I have german installation, Id like to know whether appointment plus would show the currencies and relevant information in German?
Those are the two main concerns I have and would appreciate a speedy response.
+4915738685678 is my mobile number, feel free to contact me, that option is available.
Thank you and best regards from Frankfurt