How do I 'Grandfather In' the BP Cubepoints/Badges?

My question: I want members to be able to upgrade their accounts using 'points' which gives them access to more features of the site. This plugin seems ideal but its payment system is set up for 'advertising viewing options.' Can this be changed to tie in with BP Cubepoints and badge system?

  • aecnu

    Greetings Bizolly,

    Thank you for the great question which it certainly sounds like a useful customization to the plugin. Unfortunately, it is not currently available - but we would love to put it into consideration for future development

    It might take a bit longer than useful now even if it is indeed chosen for development.

    Alternatively, you could see if there's a developer available at wpmu jobs who could get onto it right this minute, but we're aiming to get you sorted ourselves.

    Moving this ticket to the feature requests area and notifying the lead developer of the request.

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

  • aecnu

    Greetings Carol,

    Thank you for your kind candid reply.

    I do want to clarify for you that though I have indeed submitted your request to the lead developers for development consideration, but this does not mean that it will ever be developed and even if they are working on it they do not notify us until it hits support beta.

    I am on the support team and not on the development team and unfortunately I am not a coder.

    I want to forewarn you that they normally develop feature requests based on the amount of people requesting the indicated feature, and this particular feature is requested rarely that I am aware of, actually this is the first time.

    I honestly think it will be in your best interest to see if a custom coder will implement this for you, of course you are more then welcome to wait closer to your actually needing it to see if this is indeed by any chance coming out from WPMU DEV.

    The choice is yours of course and I just wanted to make you aware of the possibility that it may never be chosen to be developed by WPMU DEV.

    Cheers, Joe

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