how do i have certificates of completion provided to users

how do i have certificates of completion provided to users automatically upon a passing grade? how do i design the certificate of completion? I don't see it on the backend and can't find it in the documentation. However, i see a picture of it in the promo of the courseware pro.

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Adam,

    Hope you're doing well today and thanks for your question!

    With the grading and assessment features in CoursePress it allows you to make your own certificates and issue them to passing students.

    We provide the assessment tools then you can manually send over the certification :slight_smile:

    We have discussed implementing an automatic certification feature, we are just waiting to see how many members want this before we spend a lot of time on it. It is already on our feature requests list and I will add your +1 to it.

    Hopefully some other members will chime in on this.

    The picture in the promo is just a graphic we made up to illustrate that you are able to issue certification after assessing your students within the plugin :slight_smile: the idea was that members could design a certificate template and use that for passing students. You can also find pre-design certification templates around the internet or purchase one.

    Another issue with it, is that 1 certificate template wouldn't suit everyones needs, so we would have to discuss the best way to make that customizable as well.

    Look forward to your thoughts on this Adam! Welcome to the WPMU DEV Community.

    All the best,

  • Adam
    • New Recruit


    I misunderstood when I saw the picture. I thought you had the certificate feature as part of “genuinely assessed certification.” I would not have purchased the membership had I known that this basic feature isn’t available.

    For the future, please notify me when it becomes available. You have foreseen the need for custom certificates for each course. Each course needs its own capabilities for their own background images for certificates. Custom fields should also be made available for insertion into the certificate in addition to name, date of passing and course name. In our case, we ask for medical license numbers the very first time people launch the first course (not during e-commerce check out). We are looking to migrate our Joomla system to wordpress and were hoping this was a solution.

    Please refund my membership that i signed up for. It does not seem clear in the promo that certificates are not available. We consider this a rudimentary feature of even the most basic LMS and did not anticipate its absence.


  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Adam,

    Very sorry you feel misled here.

    "genuinely assessed certification." - is more in reference to the fact that you can genuinely assess the students work within the work book and then issue a certificate based on that, which I think is understood now but just wanted to re-iterate it in-case.

    Thanks a ton for all your awesome feedback on how you would like the certification process to work! I am passing that directly to the developers :slight_smile:

    Would a certificate template such as something like this:

    That is editable then exportable in pdf format not suffice in the meantime?

    There are other template options too, that is just one of the first I saw :slight_smile:

    If you are still wanting to pursue a refund then can you contact us through our private contact form and select "I have a billing question". That allows us more access to your account information :slight_smile: not to mention keeps personal details away from the public forums.

    Look forward to hearing back Adam!

    All the best,

  • 247web
    • Recruit

    Please ad this request urgently! At least give us one master certificate that can work e.g. a background image with merge fields so that it can automatically insert standard student info e.g. the full name, identity number (or other identification number), the date completed.

    This is the one and only thing missing from what looks to be a great plugin - but I cant expect my client to manually issue over 300 certificates a month!

    So sad ...

  • Adam
    • New Recruit


    I am happy to hear about certificates being added. I suggest the ability to add an image background for each course separately and not just a single image for all courses. The importance of certificates is essential in official e-commerce LMS solutions for small businesses, educational institutes and government. Security: assuring that only one user who purchases the course and takes the quiz gets the certificate of completion is important.

    Custom fields integration assuring security of the certificate:

    1. adding a custom certificate field ability in registration is one area for custom fields
    2. After the purchase entry of custom field info: more importantly, the very first time a participant enters the LMS system after the first e-commerce successful confirmed purchase, the system asks for the custom field info (for example, a license number). This cannot be edited by the user once entered.

    Why is this logic so important? When asking for some type of license number prior to purchase during registration, if the participant does not have the license number (or other custom field info), it will discourage completion of the purchase. By asking for the custom field info after the purchase, the user can smoothly go through checkout without the license number.

    Also, the user cannot edit the custom field info that is asked for only once during the very first entry into the LMS system. This is important to prevent multiple users re-issuing certificates on the same account by changing the user name and license (custom field) info.

    3. The administrator can change the license number if the participant requests a change because sometimes users enter incorrect data.

    Anyone else have a better logic for the certificate custom data flow?

  • 247web
    • Recruit

    Wow, sounds complicated!

    Think the rest of us would be happy with a standard background certificate image (per course) with the necesary words printed (overlayed) on it for the course and merging in the student details, passing grade, etc. and then outputting it to a protected PDF!

    Anything, anything would be better than nothing at all!

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey guys!

    I don't have a firm ETA yet on certificates, but I love the ideas here!

    @Mal - I think your idea of what the certificates should look like is spot on. From reading here, it looks like the common elements folks are wanting are:

    1. Ability to customize background on per-course basis.
    2. Course name, student name, final grade generated in applicable fields.
    3. Ability to export to PDF or other document file format.

    @Adam - You'd like similar functionality, but you'd also like to be able to add custom field data from member profiles to the certificate, correct?

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Adam
    • New Recruit

    Yes, custom data is important for many e-commerce LMS users. For example, insurance agents have an agent number, general contractors have a gen. contract lic. number, etc... The key is to ask for this info after the first purchase on a one time basis with no ability for the user to change it (see explanation above). By making a locked field, users cannot have others use the same account to generate additional certificates for other people. In reality, the name also needs to be locked down as well. If not, a user could change their name to someone else's and re-generate the certificate in another's name.

  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown

    Just a note for us we would use it pretty much exactly as @Adam has described.

    There is a case for a generalised cert -
    and there is a case for accredited.

    General ie a printed notice with no validation

    Certifiied MUST have a way to be valid
    be issuable to the actual one and only participant - (valid use above Agent ID or any number of specific individual course taker)
    - if anyone can change/alter a certificate - without validation it is NOT a certified course..

    Adam has described very efficiently reasons and case use..

  • 247web
    • Recruit

    HI Michelle
    Yes you have the gist of the process

    Just ending with a non-editable pdf file at the end for "security" (? only format at the moment that is relatively secure from changing and that can be viewed by 99% users).

    Just to be clear - the certificate prints ALL the wording OVER a watermarked background image (which makes it more difficult to copy) and the person's info (variables) is then merged into the text as required in the text e.g. %surname%.

    The PDF file is created with the no editing / no writing / no copy capabilities as well. The "signature" on the certificate would form part of the watermarked background image.

    You are already generating the reports in perfect PDF format - so the backbone coding is obviously already there.

    Adam - I understand your security concerns about changing data and info but something like a license number or accreditation code should ideally be autogenerated as a hidden field by your system at the time of registration and then only merged into the certificate at creation time.

    There should never be a question of it being editable at all anywhere. We have done any number of association and membership systems like this and they are very secure.

    (IMHO I think this would be outside of the scope of certificate function - but maybe I have missed your point entirely? Just a thought - could you not use the Order Number from MarketPress on the certificate?).

    Hope this helps.

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Thanks for your input Mal! Awesome stuff. I can definitely see how that edit security would be important. Last thing you would want it someone forging your certs!

    Order number is definitely an option :slight_smile:

    Let us know if you have any further suggestions/feedback here. Thanks for all your input.

    All the best,

  • Adam
    • New Recruit

    Hi Mal,

    I think you have misunderstood my point about custom fields. Agent number, contractor number, medical license number, etc... are all pieces of information that MUST be on a certificate as required by government and non-government entities. This is not an ID number that can be auto generated. Each participant is given one of those by an outside entity, which licenses them. That number, along with the name, date and title of the course must be on the certificate. Therefore, custom fields are essential for many LMS systems. The participant must have a one-time option to enter the data that is prompted the very first time they try to take their very first course. After that, the prompt must not re-appear and only the admin can change it. Our current LMS has this feature. The best part about this logic is that participants do not need to know the license number prior to the purchase, but only after the purchase. Therefore, there is no obstacle to the purchase if they forgot their license number.

  • Remi
    • Flash Drive


    Just published my first course and discovered that there was no completion certificates provided. I have to say that the information displayed on the plugin page (as posted by BE above) is very misleading.

    Hoping that the feature comes with the next update soon.

    Other than this the plugin is great !

  • pxwm
    • WP Core Meltdown


    I'm trying to minimise the amount of time to manually access student completed courses and just checking if the feature to automatically send a certificate when a student successfully completes a course has been delivered?

    If so could you please confirm how this is achieved in the course settings?


  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello SteveB,

    Right now CoursePress automatically generates certificate when students completes course - certificate is available in Student Dashboard and there is also e-mail in Email settings that is send when student completes course with link to Cetrificte

    To enable email you have to go to CoursePress -> Settings -> E-mail Settings -> Basic Certificate E-mail and select "Enabled"

    kind regards,

  • pxwm
    • WP Core Meltdown

    Hi Kasia,

    Many thanks and based on your feedback I may have identified a potential bug.

    On our installation if the last unit does not have a question instead of issuing an email with a certificate link it presents a pre-completion message.

    That is: It indicates that the student has successfully completed the course and it will be assessed by the instructor/teacher.

    To confirm a unit with no question works fine as long as it isn't the last unit.

    I instigated a live chat with one of your colleagues over the weekend and they confirmed they can replicate.

    I agreed with them to set up a staging site just with CoursePress Pro installed so I can eliminate an plugin conflict.

    Not sure if you wish to report to the developers before I test or wait until I confirm.


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