How do I hide certain themes using the Theme Switcher plugin?

I would like to hide or display only certain themes using the Theme Switcher plugin.

  • Vaughan

    Hi Redline,

    Hope you're well?

    You can't do this from within the plugin, however it's possible with CSS.

    You can add the following to each theme style.css

    Or maybe use a plugin such as customCSS (might save you needing to add to every theme.)

    option[value="/bold/?theme-preview=SUMMER"] {
        display: none;

    The above will hide the Summer theme.

    so for other themes, just change the value to match. Just view the source of the page with Firebug or display element with google, to see the src.

    <select class="advanced-theme-switcher-themes" onchange="location.href=this.options[this.selectedIndex].value;">
    <option value="/bold/?theme-preview=Divi">Divi</option>
    <option value="/bold/?theme-preview=ELECTRIC">Electric</option>
    <option value="/bold/?theme-preview=SUMMER">Elegant Summer</option>
    <option value="/bold/?theme-preview=VERYBOLD">VERYBOLD</option>
    <option value="/bold/?theme-preview=twentyfourteen">Twenty Fourteen</option>
    <option value="/bold/?theme-preview=twentythirteen">Twenty Thirteen</option>
    <option value="/bold/?theme-preview=twentytwelve">Twenty Twelve</option>

    Hope this helps

  • Redline

    Thank you for the fast reply! I am going to try another route. How can I add the plugin to a template file? The shortcode will not work obviously, I tried using <?php do_shortcode ('[adv_theme_switcher display_type='dropdown' show_theme_version='no' show_theme_parent='no']'); ?> and <?php echo do_shortcode ('[adv_theme_switcher display_type='dropdown' show_theme_version='no' show_theme_parent='no']'); ?> but they both kick back an error. What's the best way to include this in a template file?

    Thank you!

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