how do I hide or edit the @name ?

In a BuddyPress profile, there’s an @name that shows. My system seems to be taking people’s emails and putting them in there. This totally defeats any notion of privacy. Can this be hidden or can the field be easily edited? H

My own is @admin, yet I can find that anywhere in an editable profile. I’m just wanting to use BP with QA to allow people to customize their avatar.

  • DavidM
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    Hi Mark,

    That would be the theme you’re using that’s displaying that, but it’s based on the BP default theme, which is the standard for BD theme development.

    The file /members/single/member-header.php is where you’ll find that coded.

    What it’s doing is displaying the account username, and if the user name is their email, that would be the reason it’s displaying that. If you’d like to get rid of that, you can alter that core file I mentioned above.

    I believe the line would normally be as follows:

    <h2 class="fn"><a href="<?php bp_displayed_user_link() ?>"><?php bp_displayed_user_fullname() ?></a> <span class="highlight">@<?php bp_displayed_user_username() ?> <span>?</span></span></h2>

    And you could easily remove that by removing this:

    <span class="highlight">@<?php bp_displayed_user_username() ?> <span>?</span></span>

    But you would be losing out on just a tidbit of BuddyPress functionality, as that lets users know how to address other users by username.



  • Mark Winstein
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    It seems that some of the plugins let a person edit this displayed username, but not the QA plugin.

    The challenge is my commerce/email system has page integrates with WP, but it forces the email to be the username in WP – this kills the privacy this way.

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