how do i host my website? how do i set up my server?

how do i host my website? how do i set up my server?

  • Vinod Dalvi

    Hi @bgvsbb504,

    I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

    Please try to ask questions directly on the forum instead of adding them in the file and attaching them to your topic.

    I read your question and you said "im tired of dealing with them" but you didn't tell us why you have tired of dealing with them so could you please tell us a bit more information about it so that we can help you to resolve the issue with your hosting provider instead of hosting a server yourself as hosting web server is cumbersome process and you may need to hire professional from to set it up fro you.

    Best Regards,
    Vinod Dalvi

  • bgvsbb504

    host providers have too many limitations for what i want to do
    for example some of the software i prefer is not compatible with their system and i would have to change providers anyway
    other software costumer service keep saying change companies
    other hosting companies say the same but only offer higher prices
    i live off of limited income so for what i want to do professional developers wont do because i cant afford it
    so id rather go it alone
    i know its hard but i dont mind
    i really like this website development environment i just cant afford college
    so google and youtube is my college
    all i needed to know is that it was possible to it on my own and i will be able to do it i just have to learn
    if it takes five years before i can launch my site then it just takes five years
    ill wait but id rather learn how to do it myself by trail and error
    if a kid can do it i can do it
    i just need know what im doing wrong so far or some good tutorial links thats all i ask at this point

  • Zyniker

    I would (fairly) strongly advise against hosting your own Web server in this instance. Generally speaking, the headaches you'll encounter far outweigh any cost savings you (might) realize. Figuring out what sort of hosting environment you need should be your first step. Get together a list of the things you need your hosting provider to do, the software you intend to use (e.g., which plugins), and the traffic profile you are expecting for your site in the first year or two. From there, you can work toward figuring out which hosting provider will meet your needs.

    For development, you probably want to go with something cheap and then deploy to your live server once you're ready. There's usually no need to spend a lot each month on a development server unless you're doing stress testing or something.

  • bgvsbb504

    every developer ive talked to about what i want says that its a $1200 project or more then they say change my host provider
    i already got screwed with a develper and i have to fight to get my money back so developers are out of the question i dont even want to talk to them anymore
    id rather learn on my own
    as for hosting i need a dedicated server
    all of this is starting to blow me
    thats why i just want to learn to host my own site
    ill take the headache
    the headache it free but the knowledge is priceless
    plus its fun

  • Timothy Bowers

    A few more things to keep in mind with hosting your own site vs a datacentre:

    1. Your ISP might not allow it.
    2. Bandwidth - Your ISP might restrict or even throw you off their service for excessive usage
    3. Bandwidth again - Site traffic will be slow, it will affect your ranking in search, and it wouldn't take many concurrent connections inbound to stop others seeing your site. Again, the ISP, if they allow you to host sites will probably restrict concurrent connections.

    It's ok for local dev work, but I certainly wouldn't consider it for a live site. If you still wish to, good luck, I hope it works out as you desire. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

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