How Do I Implement A Site Content Switcher

Hello All,

I am looking for some advice and/or plugin solution, etc. to accomplish the following:

We have a dedicated site for promoting an annual national event that relocates every year.

Most all of the information related to the event, photos of participants, winners, volunteers, etc. change each year.

I would like users to be able to visit the site and much like a theme switcher feature would allow a user to change the look of the site from the front end, I would like for them to be able to select the year of an event from a drop down and then every aspect of the site would change to the way the site was configured for that year's event including menus, categories, etc.

Each year the site is populated with new information about the upcoming event, but all prior year's of posts, pages, etc. could still be available when the user selects a particular year's event they want to review.

I am unsure if any plugins exist that perform such a function and/or how to best go about accomplishing such an objective.

One idea was to just build an entirely new site each year at a new url.

This could accomplish the objective and provide the most flexibility in design changes from year to year, but we would like for the main links we publish promoting the event each year to remain static and valid as the year's pass and as the link gets integrated into other sites.

I guess we could widely publish the base url as

Then while on this site is where a user would select the year they wanted to review.

We could just provide a drop down list or a page list of urls for each year's site. etc.

The site at might feature some promo images and info about the current approaching event, but the main content for each event would be on the year specific site.

I suspect there is a better way to do this and a better way for SEO.

I have looked at lots of event plugins, but none seem to go this far or I have overlooked the feature in them that could accomplish something like this or I need advice about configuration on them.

I looked at

Event Espresso
and others

Advice appreciated.