How do I index products from across my multisite on one site?

Hi there,

I’ve previously posted about what I’m trying to do here ( but I’ll go over it again: I’m setting up an Etsy-style multisite network with Market Press. What I’m looking to do now is set up a filtered search which allows users to select multiple product categories (set up in separate drop boxes) to filter items returned by the search. We’re building a site to sell artworks so the criteria are to do with size, materials, price, genre, colour, etc.. As an example of what I’m hoping to set-up, you can have a look at this:

I’ve sort of accepted there’s not a plugin available (within my price range anyway) that will allow me to do a filtered/faceted search across my multisite network. So I’m hoping to index all the products from across the network on one site and then use a filtered search plugin on that one site (which I think should work).

I know there are lots of post indexing plugins, but I’ve not found anything which will do the same thing for products. Any suggestions? I know there’s a bit of marketpress shortcode which indexes all products from across the network– could I somehow use that? Any advice would be appreciated! :slight_smile: