How do I install Multi-DB using SSH. My database is approx. 100 Gigs and phpmyadmin is useless

My site is a multi-site. I took it offline to prepare and install this plugin – 2 days ago. It is killing me. I must have support very soon please. I have not received the 24/7 support that was talked about. Please help when you can.



  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    does your hosting plan have SSH? if so, your webhost should be able to provide SSH instructions to update the DB. all servers are different and as such we wouldn’t know which.

    this question really should be asked of your webhost if you want to use SSH. not all hosts allow it. i see @tom Eagles was dealing with your original request, but i really think you need to speak to your web host regarding this. 100Gb is 1 hell of a large database.

    hope this helps.


  • Garland
    • New Recruit

    Yes Vaughan, I do have ‘SSH;’ access. What I don’t see in the Multi-DB documentation or instructions is how to do the install using SSH. The only quote i saw was, “Now, you need to create the databases either via command line (hardcore) or through phpMyAdmin.” I will have to use the (hardcore) method because of the size of my database. Please don’t get me wrong, I love what your software is supposed to do. It solves a HUGE problem and should be licensed from you by WordPress for every paid install (if not every free one). I am almost at the point of deleting the database and with it years of work for me and all of my multi-sites. Now that is a tear jerker.

    Thanks for any help,


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    i’m a little confused.

    The only quote i saw was, “Now, you need to create the databases either via command line (hardcore) or through phpMyAdmin.”

    this part is dealing with the creating of the new multi-db databases & tables. and not such of uploading a database file.

    so if you choose to use 16 databases. then essentially, it’s either asking you to create the 16 databases, enter the username, passwords for each database then use the tool provided which will create all those databases for you. at this point, you are only creating the databases & then creating the tables. you are not uploading any data (or database Rows to them)

    you shouldn’t be uploading a 100GB database.

    it just says you can create all the databases via phpmyadmin, or SSH whichever you decide.

    so once you have your databases created and prepared. you use the move-db.php script, which then does all the work of spreading out your wordpress multisite to all those databases.

    note. it doesn’t actually use a databse per site, you could have 5000 different sites, but it might only be spread over 12 databases.

    so to sum up.

    you are 1st creating all the databases & preparing the tables, whether you choose 16, 256, 4096. then the script will go through each database you create & add all the tables.

    then once complete you move onto the next stage where you use the move-db script. this will then move the databases to spread them out over all the databases you chose.

    hope that’s clear.


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