How do i install the dashboard ?

Hi All,

I've been using wordpress for years, but i'm just getting into multi sites and offering people free blogs.

So i signed up here to get some plugins etc .

I've downloaded the dashboard zip file and i've no idea how to install it.

I added the includes files to the wp-includes folder but it did nothing.

Sooooo :slight_smile: how can i install the WPMU dashboard so i can install plugins etc.


  • Zyniker
    • WordPress Warrior

    To install the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin, you simply perform the same steps as you would with any other plugin install:

    Unzip the archive.
    Upload the resulting folder to /wp-content/plugins/.
    Navigate to your dashboard and click on the plugins pane.
    Activate the plugin (in this case, network activate through the network dashboard).

  • Zyniker
    • WordPress Warrior

    MultiSites will change a number of things on your network. The primary change is from allowing only one site (e.g., to allowing multiple sites (depending on your network, they'll be on subdomains [e.g.,,] or in subdirectories [e.g.,]). You'll also gain a network dashboard in addition to the regular administrative dashboard that all WordPress installs have (this is located at This is the dashboard you'll use to administer your network (i.e., not just your main site, which will still be administered from

    As for the matter at hand, the steps for installing a plugin are essentially the same for WordPress and WordPress MultiSite. You just have to navigate to the network dashboard instead of the standard administrative dashboard (i.e., you'll visit instead of

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