How do I integrate Automessage with Email Newsletter Plugin

Few questions about Automessage.

1.) How are emails sent with this plugin? I use the e-Newsletter plugin, will it send through it? If not how does it send? I use an SMTP server.

2.) Will it send a message out each time I create a new post in my blog? If so how do you only choose certain blog categories?

3.) How does the template system work? Do you place your own html inside of the message box of how you want the automessage to appear? Or does the text in the box get inserted into another template being used by e-Newsletter?

4.) The option on the actions of “create new user” or “create new blog” how does this work with e-Newsletter? Example: Someone signs up for our newsletter through e-Newsletter, is this considered a new user? If so how do you differentiate between who gets what with the automessage as you can have several different groups in the e-Newsletter system.

Thank you for helping out. Trying to understand your plugin. Gary