How do I limit the amount of marketpress products to be displayed on a pro sites level?


On my multisite network, I'd like to be able to charge using pro sites something like this;

level 1 1-100 listings in their marketpress store
level 2 101-200 listings in their marketpress store
level 3 201-300 and so on...

Can anyone advise how this can be achieved please? I don't mean how many gb's of data they can store etc, I need to limit actual amounts of products able to be listed.



  • Sally
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Jack

    Have just had some guidance from Vinod on this :slight_smile: Wasn't sure where to put the code or what all those user roles should be doing etc, but anyway, I now have user roles manager plugin and am just trying to set up capabilities to be assigned to users.

    Could do with knowing what capabilities exactly I need to be creating here...

    So far, I have


    which Vinod told me, but then live chat ended, could you tell me the rest please? Sorry, never done this before!

    I assume once all those are created I just assign all those product capabilities to subscribers and business account users?

    Am I getting this right? :disappointed:



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