How do I make demo videos like the one in my message?

How do I make a demo video like the one shown on this page:

I want to be able to make demo videos of software and plugins and themes and I have no idea where to start. I want to be able to zoom in while the video is rolling and add cool info blurbs and stuff like that. What software do I need for that and how do I get started? Is there a guide?

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @testmypatience

    I hope that you are well today.

    Those video's are made by our truly awesome Video guys and I wouldn't have a clue how to make something like that and make it look that awesome :slight_smile:

    I'll ping our Video guys for you, to give you some of their valuable input into this. @Charlie Pryor and I'll send out an email to them :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

  • Paul Mendoza

    Hey @testmypatience!

    For that video in particular much of the text and graphics animation was done using a program called Adobe After Effects, which can be a little overwhelming if your not sure what your doing(not to mention expensive!)

    If your looking to do some simple screen casting demos without all the moving text and icon animations we use a program called screenflow.
    It's pretty easy to use and a great program for recording on screen action for demos and a lot more.
    It is only for mac though. There plenty of screencasting/editing programs for windows, but I am not really in the position to recommend any since I don't have any experience with them.
    @Charlie Pryor will probably know more about this.

    Hope this helps!

  • Charlie Pryor

    Hey @testmypatience!

    Welcome to the forums! Everything Paul said above is spot on in regards to the tools we use to create animations and screen casts.

    Adobe After Effects is part of certain variations of the Adobe Creative Suite, including the Master collection (which has everything). It can be expensive though.

    Adobe is about to offer their software suite in a cloud-based form however, effectively ending work on their software suite from now on, and moving all future versions of the creative suite to this new online-only model, called Adobe Creative Cloud. This works in a monthly subscription format, so it wouldn't cost as much up front, but would charge you periodically over time for as long as you wish to use it.

    You can find out more about Adobe Creative Cloud here:

    Screenflow is a really handy and easy to use program that enables very cool functionality at a reasonable price.

    But... if you're not on a Mac, you can't use Screenflow. What you can use though, if you're into screen casting, is a variety of Windows-based alternatives to it. There are several popular ones, including CamStudio, Camtasia studio, and Wink. All of these apps (and more) allow for similar functionality on Windows. They take input from your screen, and can simultaneously record your voice from a microphone if you have one. You can also edit the video directly afterwards in their proprietary interfaces, adding sounds, fades, highlights, and zooms.

  • Charlie Pryor

    Also, to give you an idea of the process, as far as "a guide" goes, All of the elements you see in a video are usually all separate, that is to say, they were all created individually, and put together in the end.

    We record screencasts (using screencasting software), and then load those individual clips into another program (After Effects) where we add zooms and titles, and those little bubbly effects (the bubbles and stuff are separate elements to the text, so two extra things put into one to look as though they are one thing popping up.. at least, that's how I'd do it anyway. Can't actually speak for Paul and Josh). Somewhere along this process, whether it's before or after all the animation is done, we select appropriate music to put with the video, and then export the whole thing together as a standalone video.

    It's a process. It takes time. We love it. :slight_smile:

  • testmypatience


    Found some very good resources. To sum up what I found and what others have posted about:

    * Screencast-o-matic at $12 a year (all online) -
    * Camtasia at $300 (PC and MAC)-
    * Screenflow at $99 (MAC) -

    You could use Active Presenter Free Edition at FREE but non-professional license - but non-professional isn't much help when running a business with it. Standard is over 300 bucks and Pro is over 400 bucks.

    Another good way to use [Adobe After Effects]( is to use their cloud program where you can use all the items you need in the cloud for a monthly rate. Check that out here: OR get a free CS2 version from Adobe website here:

    I appreciate all the help I got here and I hope what I found also helps someone in the future.

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