How Do I Make Login Link Plain Text?

This is the code that creates a login link. Can you tell me how to adjust the code to make the link just plain text please.

Thank you.

This is the class.swpm-registration.php file. Can you tell me how to make the login URL into plain text.

//public abstract static function get_instance();
protected function send_reg_email() {
global $wpdb;
if (empty($this->member_info)) {
return false;
$member_info = $this->member_info;
$settings = SwpmSettings::get_instance();
$subject = $settings->get_value('reg-complete-mail-subject');
$body = $settings->get_value('reg-complete-mail-body');
$from_address = $settings->get_value('email-from');
$login_link = $settings->get_value('login-page-url');
$headers = 'From: ' . $from_address . "\r\n";
$member_info['membership_level_name'] = SwpmPermission::get_instance($member_info['membership_level'])->get('alias');
$member_info['password'] = $member_info['plain_password'];
$member_info['login_link'] = $login_link;
$values = array_values($member_info);
$keys = array_map('swpm_enclose_var', array_keys($member_info));
$body = html_entity_decode($body);
$body = str_replace($keys, $values, $body);

$swpm_user = SwpmMemberUtils::get_user_by_user_name($member_info['user_name']);
$member_id = $swpm_user->member_id;
$body = SwpmMiscUtils::replace_dynamic_tags($body, $member_id);//Do the standard merge var replacement.

$email = sanitize_email(filter_input(INPUT_POST, 'email', FILTER_UNSAFE_RAW));