How do I make my CustomPress custom posts show up in a list?

I created a custom post (Jobs) with several custom fields. Creating new jobs works perfectly with my custom fields, but I'm trying to figure out where those jobs appear. I realize I likely need to add snippets to files, but I don't know which files I need to change and what needs to be changed.

I created single-jobs.php and that displays my custom fields how I want it to for a single job post, but I need to be create another file that lists all my jobs (and categorizes them). What I have now was created through the standard "New Post" (not CustomPress). It doesn't have the custom fields I need, but it lists the posts how I need. ( That post list uses a "Recent Posts" short code from my theme. Is there a similar short code for CustomPress posts?

I am aware that I am missing something very apparent. I'm still in the beginning of learning multisite and PHP.

Thank you for your help!