How do I map a domain to a multisite site?

Ok I know this is posted many times and there are manuals, but it's all so much gibberish.

I just need some simple steps to follow please.

I have installed Domain Mapping, the domain is, and I have set up a site for it:

What steps to map one to the other please?

thanks, Neil.

  • nusolutions

    Ya gotta read that "gibberish" as some of it makes sense. Without assuming anything you first have to configure DNS and after doing that you add and configure your domain(s) in cPanel and there are tons of instructions on how to do this.
    DNS is configured in your host, so if hosted by GoDaddy or Host Gator log in to the control panel, select the domain and make sure it's configured appropriately. I have a VPS and dedicated IP so for for me this includes:
    1. Changing the IP for that domain to point to my VPS.
    2. Adding new records to include *, @, mail
    3. Changing the NameServers.
    4. Create new MX record for
    Some of this may not apply to you so you may have to contact your support for assistance.

    Allow propagation and after this is done I configure things in cPanel.
    Start by creating a new account. Look to your left menu and click Create New Account.
    Enter Domain, Username, Password, Email, check additional options and click Create.
    Scroll down and select Modify an Account.
    Select your domain from the list and click Modify.
    If you plan on creating a multisite with multiple subdomains and parked domains you need to change the option to unlimited.
    Scroll up and click List Accounts and click the cPanel icon to be taken to your account settings.
    Scroll down, click the Subdomains icon, and enter and astertisk * and it will populate the next line with public_html/. Click Create.
    Click Home located in upper left.
    Next scroll down and click Parked Domains. This is where you add the domain you configured in your GoDaddy or Hostgator control panel. If all went well then you'll be able to park the domain. If not then you'll need to go back and make sure your DNS settings match those of the server where you have cPanel.
    Once you have all of this done you can then map a domain as it will likely be properly configured.

    hth / gl

  • Neil

    I'm sorry I didn't mean any offence by the gibberish quote. My point is simply yes there is tons of information, indeed there is too much for non-techies like me.

    I have my domain hosted at Namecheap, and shared hosting at Bluehost, where I have successfully configured with multisite and have now added Domain Mapping.

    I go to mapping and it seems ready to 'receive' the domain coming its way, but I need to configure the DNS at Namecheap. What modifications do I make there please?

    thanks, Neil.

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