How do I migrate form bbPress forums to WMPU DEV discussion forums?

I am guessing that the discussion forum technology that you are using here for this site is your own forums plugin? Do you have any additional plugins or custom coding that you are using to make these forums work as they currently do?

One issue I’m having with bbPress forums is that they aparently are stored as bd objects – not post types which limits my ability to do some things like use your WPMU DEV SEO tool. My site content is made up of about 95% discussion forum material so I need to get your WPMU DEV SEO tool to work with my forums. If I installed your Forums plugin, will you WPMU DEV SEO plugin work with it so that my forums will have good SEO?

Also, if I do choose to go this route, how would I go about migrating my current discussions from bbPress to your plugin?

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    The forums here actually use bbPress as our forum plugin is catered to providing simple forums within individual pages.

    I would encourage you to stick around for version 2.0 of BuddyPress though which comes with lots of new features and which our SEO plugin will integrate with.


  • buddy_boy8403
    • Flash Drive

    Do you know the release date of v2.0? Also, can you provide some details on what these upgrades will be? Integration of bbPress and changing it to post type entries right into buddypress would be great, but I’d be interested to know what else your SEO would be able to integrate with in v2.0.

    Some more questions about your forums here since you are also using bbPress – if you don’t mind helping a guy out:

    1. How do you get the ‘Be notified of follow-up posts via email’ link?

    2. How do you get the RSS feed by thread topic?

    3. How do you get the post header to be formatted like you have it (with the avatar, name and role)

    4. What are you using to assign reputation points?

    Are these items plugins that you’ve found or are they items you custom designed and developed?

    Thanks, and I understand if you can’t tell me this information (i.e. – proprietary or something).

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    The most significant changes are that bbPress 2.0 makes it a WordPress plugin as opposed to a standalone product. That means that integration is tighter and you don’t get the user sync issues.

    It also uses custom post types instead of separate database tables. That’s important because plugins like our SEO plugin can now affect threads in exactly the same way as posts. It is feasible then that you can do everything with forum threads that you can with blog posts. Including them in XML sitemaps, for example.

    As for your questions about our forum, they are all custom developments that we’ve built on top of bbPress ourselves. It may be that we’ll start releasing some of our edits as plugins when we switch to bbPress 2.0 but that’s probably a long way off yet.



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