how do i mixed affiliate plugin with membership?

ok so i just bought your nice plugins :slight_smile:
i have 4 URL's:
this is my course website
this is my sales page for making full payment to get full access to my course
this is my landing squeez page - the target is to make people registered for free by writing their name and email and get access only for 1 module of my course
and this website is my affiliates website - i use this website to update my affiliates and give them tools to promote my course...

i want to this - see how you can help me do that:

starnger (new visitor) - get access to my home page, registration page (who will redirect them to the squeez page)

after they registered in the squeeze page i want them to automatically get access to module 1 of my course

and the website right sidebar i want to have "get full access" buttun to the course when they click on it they will redirect to my lading page where they can use paypal to buy the full course membership access...

i want my affiliate to have 50% registertion commission for each member who pay for full access. what website should i install the plugins and how do i connect between all of this?

please, give me a hand here :slight_smile:

  • Alexander

    Hi @Nisim,

    Are these all separate sites? Membership is designed to work in the context of one site. You can use our affiliate plugin, but this is actually managed from the WordPress dashboard. Your affiliates will have an area in the dashboard to manage their account.

    Could you give some insight into how you've already setup your sites? Would it be possible to just redirect your users from the sales / squeeze sites to a signup page on the membership site? You could also create an affiliates area on the membership site.

    You could also watch the video tutorials for setting up membership here:

  • Nisim

    yes, they all separate sites. if i do that in one website i lose the effect of the sales page...

    the visitors are able to use paypal by paying for full access in the membership page right? how do i install a registeration page to the website?

    let's assume i have only this website:

    i want 2 kind of members in my website:

    1 - those who registered for free to get access to 1 module of the course
    2 - those who buy full access membership (using paypal) to the whole course modules

    i already made 2 access levels, how do i connect them to the membership level and how i create a registration page?


  • Alexander

    Hi @Nisim,

    Ok got it!

    In that case, you need to make 2 subscription levels as well. When you create them, just assign each one the appropriate access level.

    By default, there will be one registration page where they can choose one of the options.

    But Membership also provides shortcodes to help us make custom pages.

    From the usage page:
    [subscriptiontitle subscription="2"] – The title of the subscription.
    [subscriptiondetails subscription="2"] – The Subscription plan details.
    [subscriptionprice subscription="2"] – The subscription plan price.
    [subscriptionbutton subscription="2"] - And the subscription plan button

    Replace the number with the ID of the subscription.

    You can place those in any post/page to different display information about that subscription, and a signup button.

    Best regards,

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