How do I modify the color scheme of the q&a plugin to fit site colors?

Okay can you please be specific
Change the css instead of the php file, right?
where are the element tags to reference?
give an example of changing the q&a plugin for a black website.
Please be specific. This plugin does not have documentation that I can find.
Wouldn't it be simple to provide these settings in the settings area of the plugin?
At least give some instruction on doing it in css, wherever that is. I'm not a coder. I didnt think I had to be to use wordpress and plugins. Currently the qa plugin looks nothing like the demo. I have a black site

  • Hakan


    We are not expecting you to be a coder. For css, whatever you enter inside "Additional css rules" settings, will be applied to your Q&A pages only.

    There will be better documentation with the next version and I agree that we have a documentation problem here. But you can trust that this is a very powerful plugin.

    On the other hand, we don't know that this plugin causes a "blank website".

    If you can share your link, we can provide better support.



    You did not answer the posters question. I'm having the same issue as he is. How do you fix the QA plugging to look like better?

    Where is the documentation for this plugin? The only thing available is the usage page and installation instructions. How does a lay person make this plugin look acceptable on their website?

  • william_bronson

    I have a black website background, not a blank one.
    The main two problems "that I can see"
    is the main body question background and/or the text color.
    I'm not sure what those are called or what the snippet would be to change them only.
    If I change the background color, it changes 7/8 of my page, including my top menu and header etc.
    What I'm talking about is color schemes of the plugin elements only.
    There's no chart or diagram. I know you never get that, but it would be nice.
    Or to have scheme settings in the plugin with the ability to choose colors of text, backgrounds, borders of the plugin parts.

    I really wanted to use this.
    Now I'm looking at simple press and bbpress.

    so far I installed simple press to try it out and got this error

    [Storage location part 1 ownership failed] - We were unable to create your folders with the correct server ownership and these will need to be manually changed
    [Storage location part 2 ownership failed] - We were unable to create your folders with the correct server ownership and these will need to be manually changed

    So, I have QA installed but can't see parts of it because my site is dark, and I have simple press installed but from the looks of it, it won't work until I do something I have no idea what they're talking about.

    It's going to be a good day :slight_frown:

  • Hakan

    Hi william_bronson,

    Sorry I misread black as blank.

    Have you already seen the main plugin page?

    There is also a link to the demo website there.

    In general, you need to edit the css file to customize styling. We cannot know where you should change without seeing your website.

    If you don't have an idea how to change styling you may consider to hire a developer and/or designer.