How do I modify the registration process?

Hello, I'm currently trying to use the Membership plugin on a site I'm setting up and I have some questions about the registration process.

I have only 1 level, that is the Premium level.

1. Is it possible that when a visitor click the Registration page, he doesn't need to choose which subscription plan he wants as there's only 1 level? So that when he clicks the Registration page, it brings him directly to the account creation process.

2. I see that after the account creation process, the user is logged in automatically, and an email containing his username & password is sent to his registered email address. Is there a way so that he must confirm his email address first?

3. I'm using manual payment on my site (bank transfer), so that I have to manually add a member to the Premium level after I verify his payment. I see that the Membership plugin takes the user right after the account creation to the payment page with the message "Please check the details of your subscription below and click on the relevant button to complete the subscription." Since I'm using manual payment, is it possible that after the account creation process, I just show them the page containing the information about how to make the manual payment and confirm it?

Thank you,