How do I modify the tags/categories page (dr_listinglist.php) and single listing page without breaki

I need to remove the ratings/reviews, and change some of the language on the Listings category-level pages (e.g. where it currently says "Listing Category: X" I want it to say Location"). As far as I understand, dr_listingslist.php is the page on which to make these changes.

But when I make the appropriate changes to the dr_listinglist.php file and save over the default one in the plugin/directory/themes folder, nothing changes. When I upload it to the master theme folder (where single_listing_directory is located), the changes are now reflected, but the sidebar is removed or pushed to the bottom of the page, the font is suddenly tiny, and the layout is just generally messed up.

I am having a similar problem when trying to remove the ratings from the single listing page, and uploading the file to my overall theme folder - the sidebar disappears and the font gets tiny.

**Please Note** This occurs even if I don't make ANY changes to the default files, just upload them to my theme folder. This makes me wonder if I'm somehow putting them in the wrong place, but that doesn't seem likely.

In sum, I need to know 1) how to modify the categories page without making the sidebar disappear; and 2) how to modify the single listing page without making the sidebar disappear.

Please help! Thanks.

How do I

  • 3SixtyEvolve

    Hi lorgra

    Welcome to the WPMU DEV Community and thank you for being a member!

    Ok, now to tackle your issues. First one:

    I would like to offer an alternative to you, instead of changing the core files, for changing the labels for certain items within the plugin/ theme, since changing the core files will make upgrading difficult later.

    Why not try to use the built-in translation features to 'translate' the wording 'Listing Category: X to whatever you like. You can find the translation file in directory/languages/
    Use the .mo file to create your own. Steps to do this are given here:

    You can also find a very good post by Arun, our Support Quarterback, here:

    Second one:

    For removing the ratings/ reviews option. I will double check with the Developer to see what is the best way to do this and revert back to you with feedback.

    Hope this information was helpful. I will get back to you shortly, but in the meantime, if you require any further support, please don't hesitate to be in contact.

    Have a good day!


  • lorgra

    Thank you for the info on translation. But there are a few other changes I need to make to the single-listing.php and dr_listinglist.php pages - for example, in order to add the CustomPress embed code, I need to be able to upload a revised version of the single-listing.php file, and when I upload a revised page (in my master theme folder - I'm not using the included theme), it breaks the layout by pushing the sidebar down below the content, and messes up the font size.

    In addition to the ratings issue, can you advise on how to make changes to these files without breaking the layout?


  • 3SixtyEvolve

    Hi lorgra

    I think I will get the Developer involved on this one and see what advice he can offer with regards to the changes you would like to make in the single-listings.php and dr_listinglist.php pages.

    And he would also be able to assist with the ratings issue, so please allow him some time to get back to you. I will flag for his attention immediately.

    Be in touch shortly again.

    Have a good day!


  • 3SixtyEvolve

    Hi @lorgra

    I just want to confirm that the Developer has made some changes to the current version of the Directory Plugin and will release a new version in the next few days. This will fix some of your earlier requests.

    As for the single-listings.php and dr_listinglist.php pages. It is difficult to advice on changes here. You will have to play a bit with settings and see what works best for you. If you get stuck with any code, please don't hesitate to be in touch.

    I will resolve this thread, but please don't hesitate to reopen it if you still require additional feedback from our Support Team. Just select the 'Mark as Not Resolved (re-open)' box below the post area (otherwise we might miss your new post).

    All the best!


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