How do I move all content within the Membership plugin to a different domain?

We accidentally used a old site to set this up and would hate to have to do everything again... Is this possible?

  • Vaughan


    do you mean your registered domain on wpmudev? or the actual content/members etc on your own site?

    you could export from the DB using phpmyadmin

    all membership will be prefixed like ;


    wp_ is your site prefix if you left it as default when installing WP.

    should be able to just export & import.

    but if you have any active subscriptions, this might be a problem because paypal stores the domain the subscriptions were registered from, i don't think there's a way to change that, so your subscriptions may need to be reset and your members will have to subscribe again from the new domain. i don't think there's another way without creating a bridge script. though i will ask the developer for some feedback on this regard.

    hope this helps.


  • Imperative Ideas

    I can only tell you how I would approach it and not what WPMUdev's official position it.

    1. I would use WP Migrate DB to output the entire data structure of your old site as though you were moving it to the new location.

    2. I would then import that data into a local MySQL system and drop all tables that are not related to the membership plugin.

    3. Now export the remaining tables as a .sql or .zip

    4. I would then install the membership plugin on your new machine to cover any general wp_options stuff that isn't included in your data dump.

    5. Back up your live database in case step 6 explodes

    6. Import your modified tables into the production DB.

    To recap, here's what we did. We migrated the entire staging database to a new location, including the pesky serialized data that is so easy to screw up. We then imported the data locally so that we could drop all non-wpmu membership tables and we exported what remained. We then installed the plugin to the live server and overwrote the majority of its data with the migrated stuff from the old build.

    Barring any snafus with missing users (should generally be self-correcting) you should now be live in production.

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