How do I move my WPMU site?

Is there any way to move one blog out of WPMU install into it’s own WP or perhaps another WPMU install?

Are there any good tools to see who might be attacking bandwidth on my site and resolve?

I am having a terrible time over at PSek, I paid for the premium install over at, and followed so many precautions such as the antisplog. Over the weekend, it looks like I was attacked by several spam style signups via BuddyPress, created groups and posted a bunch of bogus Ads. Now I am exceeding bandwidth by leaps and bounds and no one over there can help me, my site keeps going down and I’ve asked several times to increase my bandwidth so I can access my site while trying to resolve the issue. Last time it was brought back up I went in and disabled every sort of Registration, login setting I could think of, including deleting all the users who signed up over the weekend. There don’t seem to be any posts, so I am scratching my head. PSEK support keeps getting off track of my specific problem, i can’t talk to anyone directly, frustrating. Rookie mistake I’m sure but I have run a wpmu site over at GoDaddy for over 2 years, albeit some splogs here and there, never this many issues. I was hoping to get some performance and good wpmu support at Psek with a new WPMU site, because of their affiliation with your site. I was dead wrong. Please let me know what to do, I really need to get the one blog I have in that WPMU install up and running whether it’s moving off of Psek over to my WPMU site at Godaddy, or fixing the problem at Psek,