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Good morning WPMU, I am starting a new project very soon and have just sketched out what the site needs to be able to do. I am new to WPMU so still finding out what is on offer and what can be done.

Can somebody help me and point me in the right direction to enable me to achieve the following specification. I am relatively competent with WordPress but totally new to the concept or multi-sites and multi-vendor. This is an entirely new and exciting world. This project is why I signed up to WPMU

The Specification of my new site:-

I need to create a multi vendor e-commerce site with ‘Paypal Adaptive Payments’, or preferably ‘Strip Connect’ This will allow fund to go straight from the buyer to the vendor with our commission being paid directly via the payment gateway. There is an additional need to only make payment authorisations at the time the order is taken. Payments will be competed when delivery is made. This is because the product will only be created and supplied in batches. This could be a few as three or as many as thirty.  There will be a supply date for each product, if the minimum number of orders are not reached then the transaction wont take place. If the target is reached then the transaction will complete the the orders will be be fulfilled. This will be managed by the sub-site-vendors.

(On a tangent, if you have recently dealt with ‘Paypal Adaptive Payments’ and their non existent support and slow response, you will understand our massive preference for ‘Strip Connect’  Is there any support for Strip Connect with in WPMU ? )

The site will consist of a master site with the regionally based licensed vendors behind the master site. The vendors will be geographically – regionally based. Probably one per city or geographical area. And as such they will have a url with a sub-domain of the main site.

Visitors and potential buyers will visit the main site and search by product category or search by geographical area then by category, or probably mixture of both. This will require an entire additional set of searchable categories.

The owners of the regional sub-site will manage and upload product inventory as well as maintain their blogs and articles. We will need to be a facility to show best blog posts and articles on the main site. ie editors pick.

Going back to the visitors, the regional vendors will also be promoting their products and their site but the visitor to the sub-site will also need to be able to search the other geographical areas if the socific product isnt avalible locally. One other important thing is all sites will carry the common branding and it wont be obvious that a buyer might have purchased from two different vendors apart from at the check out might say……  and the next purchase might be

(Probably needs a visit to the check out each pourchase)

In short, visitors can enter the network at any-point and end up where there need has been satisfied, and then return again, anywhere on the site in the future.

Any suggestions of what I need and how I pull it togher.

Many thanks and warmest regards to all.


  • aristath
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    Hello there @afreeth, I hope you’re well today!

    Now this is a big project… Let’s try to break this down a bit.

    You’ll need WordPress multisite to create all the various stores.

    MarketPress can handle multisites and you can have a “main” store where all the products from all sub-sites will be listed.

    As for the Payment gateways, we support these from PayPal:

    • PayPal Payflow Pro
    • PayPal Chained Payments
    • PayPal Express Checkout

    Stripe Connect is currently not supported, but if you have some PHP knowledge you can easily build your custom payment gateway to support it.

    If you want to take a percentage of the payments using PayPal, then our chained payments gateway will do the job for you.

    However, the payments will be processed when the order is made, not on delivery. This goes for ALL payment gateways, unless you choose to go for a “pay on delivery” model but in that case, the payments will have to be processed by the shipping company you’ll choose to use, and in most cases are in cash.

    I don’t understand your business model though… I don’t think that anyone will want to buy something that they MIGHT receive! If I order something, it’s because I want it, so I expect to get it.

    So you might consider simply instructing your vendors to only add products that they have in stock, or that they can fabricate in a reasonable amount of time.

    Each store has control over their inventory, so if they have 5 items of a product they can enter 5 in its inventory.

    If they have 5 but can make another 10 if demand requires it in a couple of days, then they can simply enter 15 in their inventory.

    I hope that makes sense…

    As for a global cart, MarketPress does have that option, so your users will be able to checkout using a unified cart.

    You can also use our New Blog Templates plugin so that all sites are “clones” of a “template” site that you will create. This way you can ensure that all of them will have a unified design, and you can also incorporate your global searches etc in your theme that all sites will be using.

    I hope that helps!



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