how do I... navigation bar queries

Hi again

A couple of nav bar questions, please help with exact code changes in exact places :slight_smile:

1) how to change the font so that it reflects the header fonts and not the body fonts.
2) how to change the appearance of the page buttons on the nav bar - I've noticed that all those with drop down menus have got extra padding on the rhs of the nav text - this makes the nav bar look a bit messy. How do I change that?

see here:

working with wpmu 2.9.2 and latest scholar theme

  • Tammie

    @Cratar: I already gave you the css code in the other post :slight_smile: for navigation you need to look at the file navigation.css and change the sf-menu class: .sf-menu

    As for the drop down menus and padding you would again want to edit navigation.css but be aware those use javascript so whatever you do could have an impact. I can't provide exact code as that's up to you how you have padding but you can see everything in navigation.css

    Rather than spoon feeding exact code you really should be looking at understanding what class does what as this is going beyond normal theme support and into theme customisation which while we're happy to assist with what you do and exact code is up to yourself not us to provide copy and paste.

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