How do I obtain "Free API" without signing up for the 30 day trial

I must be missing something somewhere…I am just setting up my site, really no reason to worry about SEO at the moment, but I am going through and setting up each plugin to ensure that everything works together, etc. When I go into the Infinite SEO Wizard and reach Step 4: Sign-up for a free account to gain access to reports that will tell you how your site stacks up against the competition with all of the important SEO measurement tools – ranking, links, and much more. and then I read on the page where I land when I choose Free API about the pricing I see: It’s free for the first 1 million links, anchor texts, or pages per month.

My question is this – am I required to sign up with SEOmoz and give them credit card info, etc to obtain an API Access ID and Secret Key for setting up Infinite SEO?