How do I prevent Widgets from Going Live Immediately?

Hello, one thing I have noticed about WordPress in general is that when configuring widgets, they go 'Live' as soon as they are added to a widgetized sidebar.

I am creating a multisite for small businesses websites and include some handy widgets they can configure and place where they want them I wanted to know:

1) Is this a serious issue? Some widgets such as 'Contact Us' will require them to enter their information when they add the widget. If they drag it to the active widget section they will have made Live before entering all their information.

2) Is there a plugin that will make it so they have to confirm or save before making the widgets live?

Thanks in advance!

  • Patrick

    Hi @ghmaster

    If you are setting up the sites for them, you can drag them to the Inactive Widgets area when you've configured them so they won't show up anywhere on the site.

    The settings will be preserved so when they are dragged to a sidebar, they will work the way you have configured them.

    If they are configuring their own sites, they can drag the widgets to the Inactive area first to configure them. Then drag them to a sidebar so they go live (yes, widgets can be opened and configured there).

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