How do I properly register for paypal app to go live with fundraising plug-in

I found this helpful guide, but the images of screenshots are all broken:

Here is the application for for Paypal:

There are a number of questions I am uncertain how to answer properly.

  • Bob
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thanks the screenshots are helpful and I’m almost done with the application. But now I’ve had to go back into my site to create a store so I can put the url into the application. That’s thrown me back into the overall setup instructions at

    The problem is that I’m using Gridmarket and essentially when I get to this part of the instructions – I’m just not seeing what’s described here:

    “” Now navigate to the dashboard of the newly created site. Remove any unnecessary categories, comments, posts, and pages. Set the Permalinks structure to “Post name.”

    Activate the FrameMarket or GridMarket theme.

    Under Theme Options > Set up your theme find “Type of Header” and choose “Site Title” and then find “Show global or just that main shop products on the front?” and choose “Local.” Press Save Options.

    Go to the Widgets page and remove all the widgets off the sidebar. Place “Search,” “Shopping Cart,” “Text,” and “Global Product List” “”

    – Added question in all this is that I cannot find any plugin called “Multisite User Management” as referenced at the above url. The one I have is “Multisite Theme Manager” is that the same thing?

    Please give me what advise you can – hoping to slog on to the next step.


  • Bob
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Actually in spite of above I think I have stumbled to the solution and upgraded the Gridmarket theme.

    I still have the question about whether Mutisite User Management is the same as Multisite Theme Manager or not. I’m assuming the answer is yes but just want to make sure.

    In any case, I now have a store set up

    Two questions:

    1) Is there a better solution to allowing people to signups then just sending them into a limited back end of the. I think it’s a confusing process now.

    2) On the Paypal application – I followed your instructions all the way. The only question I have is at the end where it says “no password required / Paypal sandbox is on.” I do have a username and password for the account the store template was built on. Should I have not put that into the application – OR, do I have to have a setting in place in my admin panel so that Paypal can work without the password and username. Not sure how that is gonna work.

    Tough process..


  • Maniu
    • Developer

    Hey @bob

    Multisite user management is for assigning users to sites… theme manager is for managing themes… categorizing them, changing description, title, screenshot – stuff like that:slight_smile:

    1) there are lots of free solutions like this:

    2) You must use your api username and password to make fundraising work on live site. Beside that you also need signature and application id. I believe you have them all now.



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