How do I provision sites to pro sites?

We're looking to set up pro sites, but with automatic provisioning and using our own sales/upsell/billing system.
We do not use WHMCS so that plug-in probably isn't very useful.
Is there a more neutral API we could use?
We'd need to:
- Create sites
- Delete/archive sites
- Up/downgrade sites
- Disable / enable sites (of block a user or whatever)


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    Hello there Tom,

    Greetings and thanks for your email.

    Pro Sites doesn't integrate with WHMCS for billing purpose. They are totally separate the way they deal with things.

    If you dont want to use WHMCS MU Provisioning, you can use Pro Sites to offer sites to your users, and bill them using the payment gateways included.

    It currently supports "Paypal Express/Pro" and "Stripe (beta)" gateways apart from Manual gateway in which everything is done manually.

    If you want to use another gateway, that will need to be custom coded I am afraid.

    Prosites allows you to charge recurring subscription from your users, automatically provision the sites, control the plugins/themes they have access to, disable the site in case of no payment etc.

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.


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    This doesn't really answer our question.
    I probably wasn't clear on what we're trying to accomplish.

    We're not interested in adding new payment gateways. We don't even want to use the ones you use. We want to bill our customers on our own accord, and not use pro sites for that.

    We do want to use pro sites because of the site provisioning, theme and plugin availability, quota, et cetera. But not by clicking in the UI. We want to automate it all.

    For us a WP site is an extra feature for regular shared hosting plans. A customer should be able to activate it in our own in-house control panel.

    Is there an API for that?

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    Hey there Tom,

    Sorry for having missed your last post. I was away for a few days due to baby birth and a few things later kept me away.

    Unfortunately there is no API for that sort of feature. So if you want to use the features Provided by Pro Sites, then it should be used for billing as well. Its not possible to use Pro Sites for provisioning and WHMCS for billing.

    It can however be custom coded if you wish to get someone on that. You can post a job requirement on our Job Board : and get someone do that for you.

    Please feel free to keep the discussion on and sorry again for the delay !

    Cheers, PC

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