How do I reduce the header size?

How do I reduce the header size in the Social Theme? After uploading my logo there is a lot of extra space in the header. I have resized the log several times however that is not a viable solution. Please see attachment.

  • Mason

    @mathamatix, whenever you're able, a link to your site is much appreciated. :smiley:

    I believe you can make the customizations you're looking for by playing with the padding properties in the following two areas. For upgrade purposes, it's best to add these to your stylesheet in a bp-social child theme, but I'm giving you their original locations as well:
    #htop (originally located on line 1402 of the member.css file) Edit padding here for the space BELOW the logo image
    #home-logo (originally located on line 71 of the base.css file) Edit padding here for the space ABOVE the logo image

    That should take care of it! Also, if you haven't already, check out a utility for firefox (and chrome I believe) called firebug. It is a fantastic tool for quickly seeing how/where to change your CSS settings. Also give you a "live" preview of your changes without actually messing anything up. Good stuff!

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