How do I register members through marketplace?

Plug-Ins: MarketPlace • BuddyPress • Appointments+

Hello, I need some help creating a funnel for my educational website...

What I am trying to achieve is:
(a) User Purchases a Package and is automatically registered for the site
(b) From the user Profile Page:
> (1) Can select Appointment Times (up to 2x1 hour blocks per package)
> (2) Access additional content (study items)
> (3) Purchase add-on packages (for additional one-on-one learning)

Would you have any thoughts on the best way to create this funnel & access? I have been toying with the before-mentioned plugins but am also considering not using BP but rather the built-in registration.

Thank you for your help.

Let's simplify this:
(1) Fill Out Registration Form & Pay a flat Rate (not a monthly fee)
(2) From Profile Page, Select 2 Appointment Dates > Purchase Additional Packages > View personal documents
*Obviously with user level control, Learning items will be enabled after registration.

Thanks again