How do I replace/remove the wordpress theme/version text in "Right Now" section of the das

I’ve read through the community forums as well as the suggestions that popped as I was typing here but I haven’t found any answers. I guess I’m more confused than anything else that you would sell me a plug-in that says I can re-brand everything so there are no references to WordPress but it’s plain as day in the Right Now Section, which, by the way, is the only widget in the dashboard that I want to keep. I know the question has been asked several times…are there any viable solutions yet?

BTW…I added the CSS marikamitsos recommended but it didn’t remove the “theme and # widgets” line.

I don’t want to remove the whole “right now section” as I said. I want to leave that widget in tact.

And altering the text in the update.php and dashboard.php doesn’t work…I cant even find the dashboard.php file in the includes file where Joe mentioned.

Any help would be appreciated. It doesn’t seem right that this isn’t easily editable.