How do I respond to a message from Support?

I am now back on my own computer and I am unable to figure out how to respond to a message from Support in order to advance a ticket/issue&resolve.

Here is the message below I am trying to reply to:
Hi again @Dan

I saw your other post where @Timothy Bowers replied here:

I think what you want is the Facebook Like Box widget.

I have added that to the page you have set as your homepage and it displays all your Facebook content nicely on your homepage with all the faces of those who have liked your content.

Happy new year!


Here is the message I am trying to reply with:


Thank you very much Patrick, this is helping much. I will proceed one step at a time so I can learn the plugin and function on my own. Question:

How can I (we) cause the activity feed on the website to display automatically the most recent 5 posts? At current every computer I have tested on has the frame for the posts, the thumbnails of the Likes below that, but there is no content in the posts frame until the user clicks More Information.


I suppose until I can master responding to a message from Support I will respond in this manner, creating a new ticket and just ask the agent in receipt to forward the new ticket to Patrick to advance the resolve. Thank you. This seems like an awkward work-around but I am pretty desperate.