How do I restore a Snapshot backup file that is deleted frow the webserver?

Is it possible to import a SnapShot backup zip in the WP admin? And how?

  • Ash

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    Theoretically you can not have the backup that is deleted from your webserver. Did you make a backup in Dropbox or Amazon or so? If yes, then you can get the backup from there and can import.

    If not, then you may need to use automatic backup from your server. Most of the cPanels has automatic backup enabled in the server. So, you can restore the last backup, get the last backed up snapshot file and import.

    Hope it helps. Please let me know if you have any more question.


  • Paul

    but how can I import a snapshot backup into the dashboard?

    From the wp-admin go to Snapshots > Import. If the file is on a remote site like Dropbox, AWS you need to first copy it to a public folder on that remote system. Then acquire the public URL and pastes it into the import field.

    If however the file is already on your local server you can just click the submit button and snapshot will scan the files and import any that are not currently registered.

    For my understanding: Is it necessary to delete the oldest snapshot backups, because of the size of the files in relation of the space space on the webserver?

    That really is going to depend on a few things not known but us. It depends on your hosting and how much disk space you are allowed. Also, it depends on how large the snapshot zip archive is and how much free space you have on your hosting.

    Most hosting even cheap shared hosted provides a few Gigabytes of disk space. In most cases a good size snapshot archive can be upwards of 200-300M. So it is unlikely that you need to delete the oldest snapshot archive in order to restore. But again that is not something we can help determined.

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