How do I select the language I want on the Q&A plugin?

I've installed the plugin and got it working. I've also translated the po file to pt_BR and placed it in the Q&A languages directory. I've set WordPress to use pt_BR but Q&A still appears in English.

Is there a way to force Q&A to use the language I want?



  • aecnu

    Greetings Simon,

    This is truly a great question in which I have no idea to the answer due to it has never been asked before that I am aware of.

    After some brief research I have found previously members whom created there own po and mo files.

    After checking the Q&A languages folder I was happy to see an included pot file, though it appears the included po and mo files are in Romanian.

    With the above information compiled here in this ticket it appears that it will be necessary for you to make po and mo files from the pot file for Portuguese Brazil (pt_BR) and insert them into the languages file.

    We may want to see if anyone has already done this with a different ticket title like "Anyone have pt_BR files for Q&A?) or something to that effect and hopefully another member will offer them from there already created files.

    Please advise if this is what you intend to do so that I can capture the ticket and float it for awhile while we see is anyone has them in an effort to try to help with this issue.

    Cheers, Joe

  • SimonB


    I managed to sort this out myself. Basically, the issue I was having was that I had included only the translated .po and not the compiled .mo file. In theory, the latter is just an optimisation of the former that improves performance. In practice, without the .mo file the plugin wouldn't display Portuguese. Once I included it, everything worked fine.

    The .po file I generated by hand with a text editor (TextMate), but the .mo file requires a specific program. I used the free "Poedit" for MacOS X and that generates a .mo file every time you saved.

    Worked for me!


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