How do I set a specific tax rate for local pickup in WooCommerce?

We set up an online shop for a client located in Atlanta, GA.

The client has indicated that the tax rates should be based on the shipping address.

They also offer a local pickup option.

However, they said that the tax rate for a purchase that will be picked up should be based on the office location (zip code 30303) – because that's "where the customer is taking delivery of the product."

I don't know tax rules and therefore don't know if that's true or not, but that's not the question...

The question is how can I set the tax rate to 8% for local pickup in WooCommerce? I do not see any way to enter the shop address. The only indication of the "shop base location" is by state (Georgia) and is not specific to the zip code, which affects the tax rate.

I did check this option: When this shipping method is chosen, apply the base tax rate rather than for the customer's given address. This is located in WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Local Pickup

Any insight will be appreciated!

Thank you!