How do I set my Appointments+ up for dependent services from same service provider?

Service 1 - equipment A hire only
Service 2 - equipment A + product hire
Service 3 - equipment B + product hire

Two of the 3 services are dependent on each other, meaning, if the first service has been booked, then the 2nd service will not be available for that same time frame from the same service provider.

How can I set that up in my appointments+?

  • FoxyRoo

    Thanks for the response Vaughan, but I'm not sure that would resolve my problem....I think.

    My mistake - I didn't explain the scenario properly. I'll try and explain it this way (since I just got a change request this morning from my customer too, which makes it even more interesting):

    At moment, there is only 1 service provider, Miss X.
    Service 1: Big Cart hire only
    Service 2: Big Cart + food
    Service 3: Mini Cart + food

    (Cart = a physical victorian style push cart. Two different sizes. One big. One mini.
    The "food" also has different option packages based on the number of guests for the event)

    The Big Cart (Service 1 & Service 2), can be hired for 24 hours at a time (from 8am - 8am the next day).
    The mini cart (service 3) can be hired for 3 hours at a time. (available time slots to choose from: 9am-1pm & 2pm - 6pm daily)
    (setup & delivery of a cart = 1 hour, which is NOT part of the actual appointment. The service provider also isn't staying with the cart - more just a delivery and setup before the event and collection after the event)

    Can this be done in Appointments+ and any ideas how?

  • pxwm

    Hi @FoxyRoo

    If I've understood correctly then you could setup two Services for the 'Big cart'

    e.g. Big cart - Service1 and Big Cart - Service2

    Therefore effectively you would have 4 x Services all assigned to the one Service Provider.

    If one of the Services is then booked for say today at 9h00 to 13h00 then no other service would be available because your single Service Provider is now booked.

    However please be aware A+ cannot currently support a Service being booked across days so I would suggest this isn't going to work for the 'Big Cart' service as you wish to book from 8am to 8am the next day. You can book for a full 24hours but it has to be on the same day.

    Hope that helps

  • FoxyRoo

    Thanks for the response SteveB.

    I was not aware of the 24hour booking only allowed on a calendar day - that will explain part of my struggles :slight_smile: will find a temp workaround....

    Also, I've confirmed with my client - they want capability where the mini cart can be booked at same time as the big cart.
    example :
    Customer A wants to book Big Cart + food (service 2) for the entire Saturday 3 Aug from 8am onwards.
    Customer B wants to book Mini cart + food (service 3) for Saturday 3 Aug from 9am - 1pm.
    Both these bookings should be allowed.

    Service 1 (big cart hire only) should not be available for Saturday 3 Aug once CustomerA's booking has been made.
    Service 3 (mini cart + food) should still have available slot for Saturday 3 Aug from 2pm-6pm.

    Hope this makes sense?
    Would this be possible with one of Appointment+'s hooks ?

  • pxwm

    Hi @FoxyRoo

    If you want more than one service to be booked for the same date and time and you only have one Service Provider then the easiest way to achieve this is to create a 'dummy' Service Provider for each Service and assign them to the unique service in the A+ Settings 'Services' tab.

    You will then need to set up the 'Working Hours' for the 'real' and 'dummy' service providers to match the availability for each unique service assigned to each Service Provider.

    You will also have to assign the 'real' Service Provider in the A+ Settings 'General' tab.

    This then allows multiple services to be booked on the same day and time and all email correspondence will be sent to the 'real' Service Provider as long as you have the correct settings set in the A+ Settings 'General' tab.

    Hope that helps

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