How do I set up the Supporter plugin to only allow supporters to write posts and pages after a free

Hi there,

Have been reading the forums for a few days and deciding which plugin to use to monetise my new site, and have also read and re-read the post about how Edublogs has tried to make money in various ways.

I have decided to use Supporter and have installed it, but I can't find the option to let only supporters create pages and posts as below:

If you wish, disable the "Write Post" and "Write Page" pages on non-supporter blogs (i.e. you must be a supporter to blog)

This is taken from the info on the Supporter overview page so it seems to be possible, could someone let me know how to do it please?

Sorry if I've missed something simple!

  • leebranch
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    Thanks for the help, and the advice. I'm obviously a newbie as that sounds quite a pleasurable punishment...

    Anyway, yes, the support-write.php file is in my mu-plugins folder, which lives in wp-content.

    When I click on the "must-use" sections of my plugins page in the WP Dashboard it includes this one...

    Supporter (Feature: Prevent writing posts)

    ...and says, "Files in the /wp-content/mu-plugins directory are executed automatically."

    If that's the right file, then it's in the right place :wink:

    Any other ideas people? Ideally I want to get cracking on this build in a couple of hours time and this has stumped me =(

  • leebranch
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    aaaaahhhh..... testing eh, that's an advanced concept.

    No I'm not being facetious, that really is an advanced concept for me - I'll test it and let you know!

    I was trying to set up all the behind the scenes stuff (as using plugins for custom taxonomies, custom content types and loads of other stuff) and wanted to get it all in place before the big test.

    Will move onto other setup areas then and keep my fingers crossed!

    Thanks for your help,

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