How Do I Setup Domain Mapping Plugin On My Domain When I'm Using Siteground's Shared Serve

Hi. I'm hoping others here have dealt with this issue:

- To avoid having to have multiple WP installs for my side projects, I'd like to use WPMS.
- I'm currentlly using Siteground as my host provider. I'm using their "Grow Big" plan, but it's a shared server plan. When I looked up the cost for a dedicated server plan, they start at $230 and their Cloud plans start at $80. I'd rather not have to pay $80 mth just to be able to use the domain mapping plugin's features. :slight_frown:

So my question is... does anyone know how to use the domain mapping plugin under Siteground's shared server plan? Thanks for any help, in advance.

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello Sammy

    I assume you don't have dedicated IP. If so, does your package offer to add additional domain as addon domain or parked domain? Then you can setup domain mapping there.

    Please follow the steps:

    Assume, your main network is
    Subsite URL is:
    Mapped domain URL: that will be mapped to

    1. Get the nameserver of
    2. Go to the domain panel of and add the name server there
    3. Go to hosting panel of
    4. Add as addon domain or parked domain.
    5. (IMPORTANT) when you add as addon or parked domain, make sure you point the directory to exactly same directory of So, both domains should point to same directory.
    6. Go to dashboard > Tools > Domain mapping > And add as mapped domain

    It should work by then.

    If your hosting package doesn't offer addon or parked domain and if you don't have any dedicated IP, then there is no other option I am afraid.

    Hope it helps! Please feel free to ask more questions if you have any.

    Have a nice day!


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