How do I setup Membership plugin without payment gateway

Hi, I have a client that needs to have protected content for members only. Basically the site is eCommerce and standard information for the general public and the members have access to news, annual reports, member galleries and wholesale prices. I need to set up Membership to do the following:
1. Protected pages cannot be viewed by the public.
2. To become a member a person will complete a form that is sent to the secretary for approval, once that is approved the payment is done off line (manually). Then the secretary grants the new member access by setting them up in WP Membership. The new member then receives a user name and password (manual task or if that can be done through the system that would be good). All there memberships are renewed annually on the same date and this is a manual admin task as they take payment and process the ongoing membership.
I watched the tutorials and started to set it up but the wasn't sure if I needed all the options presented. What I need is really basic as the client wants to continue doing this off line, I just need to set the system up so there are visitors that see restricted content and members that see everything. Are you able to give me some tip on how to do this as I'm not sure if I need to set up subscriptions and so on. cheers Kinnear